Golf Training Uses Flexibility, Strength, And Power


When it comes to fitness training for your golf game which is most important: flexibility, strength, or power? Flexibility advocates stress the importance of being able to swing a club through a full range of motion completely uninhibited of physical restrictions. Strength training advocates claim that building muscle will enable you to hit your drive farther. Power training supporters assert that developing and utilizing power based exercises can benefit drives and fairway shots. Who should you believe? Does flexibility play a greater role in your golf game? Or should you make strength training the base of your exercise program?

The answer is that you should focus on all three aspects when training for golf. Exercises and stretches for each area can be personalized for any golfer. The key is to incorporate flexibility, strength, and power into your golf fitness program. By employing a variety of exercises and stretches you can train your body and your game through a well-rounded fitness regimen.

Flexibility, strength, and power are not isolated in nature when you hit the golf ball. With fitness training under your belt, these three areas work together to sail your drive towards the green. Each golfer has different needs when it comes to a fitness program. For example, do you have interrupted rhythm or a broken swing pattern? This is common and can be a result of hitting the shot with just your arms and not moving your hips. This fault can be fixed by exercises that use a medicine ball. Flexibility in your hips and strength in your core muscles need to be addressed.

There are exercises involving flexibility, strength, and power that can fix nearly every fault in your golf game. By focusing on fitness for golf, you can use exercises and stretches that can be done from your own home with or without fitness equipment and in a gym. Exercises and stretches need to target specific areas for improvement. Your golf game will profit from a fitness plan that is golf specific, but at the same time integrates flexibility, strength, and power.


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